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Thanks for the replies, experiences, and advice everyone. The Sigma is still shown on my LGS's website but they don't have it in stock. They usually don't keep much in stock but they are at will to order anything seen on their site. So, they might not even be able to get a Sigma if they are already discontinued. It sounds like the P95 might be a better fit for me anyways. Though I have fired, own, and don't mind DAO triggers (my Kel Tecs), I will say that I really like the DA/SA trigger of my Bobcat and would like to try a larger pistol with the same.

Is there another in the same category as the P95 and Sigma for the same prices (under $400) that I could consider? I would like to buy new for the sake of the warantee. Again, looking for a bigger 9mm pistol than my PF-9 for easier recoil.
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