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wiping down the bullets & you should be fine shooting them ( with the precautions MIKE mentioned )

I collect & shoot these guns... FIY... the blued guns are "rarer" than the nickel guns, & often worth more... the gun is not particularly rare or worth lots of money ( though it may be priceless to you for sentimental reasons... & justifyably so... )

if you decide to shoot this ammo ( save the box, it's still collectable even in it's condition, could still bring $5.00 - $10.00 to the right person at a gun show... maybe more if you leave the cartridges in the box... ( lloking at the pic of the cartridges again, I suspect the cartridges are newer than the box, so they may not add any value to the box... sealed primers look newer than the box )

BTW... if you shoot them, I'd buy the cases from you when you're done... I collect these revolvers, & I have some nickel cases, that I load hotter & use for CCW, when I want to feel nostalgic... I load to 3 levels, pop gun for checking out revolvers for function, one mid level for daily shooting of targets, & the nickel cases for CCW use... the nickel ones are hard to find, so I'm always trying to find more...

BTW #2... you should have the gun checked out to make sure its safe to shoot, before shooting... the top breaks were a weaker design, the steels weren't as good, so guns weren't as durable back then, & H&R was a cheaper gun when sold new, so they were not as good a quality, as the S&W's & such...
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