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Blackhawk vs. Vaquero vs. SBH

So, I'm pretty new to the world of revolvers, and almost entirely new to the world of single action revolvers.
However, I shot a Blackhawk in .45lc over the summer and decided that it's far too fun not to have.
So, before I buy something, I have a few questions.

#1) My preference would be .45lc, so what's the difference between the Blackhawk and the Vaquero - is it just the sights and a slightly different hammer, or is there more to it?
The SASS version of the Vaquero - based mostly on looks - is my current favorite, but I"m wondering if the only thing they've changed there is the hammer.

#2) I do plan on reloading for it, so would there be any reason to go with .44mag (SBH) over .45lc? My understanding is that in a Ruger you can dial the .45 up to the point that the differences in performance are marginal at best. I don't spend a lot of time in bear country, but in addition to range fun this would serve the roll of "bear gun" should my hiking ever take me there.
Does running hot .45lc wear out a gun faster than .44mag?

As always thanks. Before I go shopping I do like to get some advise from people who aren't trying to sell me something.
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