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Originally Posted by Theohazard View Post
If the size of the Gen 3's grip is just fine for you, I say go with whichever grip texture you prefer. But keep in mind that the larger magazine release on the Gen 4 isn't necessarily an improvement. Sure, it's nice that it's easily reversible, but its larger size increases the chance that it will be accidentally pressed when carrying in a soft holster such as a belly band or an ankle holster, effectively turning your Glock into a single-shot.
Actually this is false for me. About it being easily pressed.

It's longer and thinner. More stretched out. It's as if its more close to the finger grooves, than it is sticking out on the grip.

I'm the king of accidentally engaging the mag release when I'm carrying at 4:00 IWB.

I'll post a pic or two in a second comparing the two.

I feel it's a major improvement.

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