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In some things "common sense" tells us to do something that turns out not to be valid. It appears that many seem to believe that compressing a spring weakens it, which is not true. And we all know that quality factory ammunition can last almost indefinitely (at least from a human life span perspective). This thread reminds me of the "common sense" idea that premium gas is somehow better for an engine that only requires the lower octane regular gas. No matter the science, there are endless number of folks who put premium in their cars on the basis of this "common sense" idea that "Premium" has to be better than "Regular". I never understood the sense behind "rotating" the ammo in a magazine, unless you keep an expensive self defense round in the mag when it sits in the nightstand, but want to use the cheap stuff or reloads when at the range. Ammo is not milk or bread which will go bad if you let it sit around for too long.
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