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I too really love Imperial. Have a tin I bought sometime in the early 90's. I don't use it so much anymore, even though in many ways it is superior.

I take a toothpaste tube of Lee Sizing Lube, mix it with 90% ISO alcohol, and put it in a small, like 1 cup, atomizer bottle. Shake it up really good, squirt 6 squirts or so into a large freezer bag, add cases, roll 'em around in there, pour them out onto a screen to dry, repeat as necessary.

Gets a little lube down inside the necks which is really swell, and they size right up. Take another towel with a bit of 50/50 ISO and water and wipe them down when done.

So much faster, and better IMO. Certainly it is as good. Probably not cheaper though.
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