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I am still stuck in CA due to my career. In another 6 years or so, you can be guaranteed I am leaving CA for Idaho or Utah. My wife is on board. CA retirement tax is 9% with the highest cost of living and the most restrictive laws. Kalifornia is gorgeous, but the bleeding left wing libs and Hollywood have destroyed the state politically!

The Left politicians (Super Majority) have successfully brainwashed the citizens as they become wealthier and wealthier with thier BS agendas! Selfish and shameful!

I am lucky because I can buy guns just as the out of state people can due to my LEO status. BUT, my guns are registered with the State DOJ as Assault Weapons which sucks!

I will move from CA mostly because of the gun laws and the high taxes. CA can keep the fricken bullet train and windmills.,I will be GONE ASAP!
May God make smooth the path you follow!
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