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I see no benefit of carrying a magazine with less than it's full capacity.
Just looking for thoughts experience and wisdom.

Is it saying that carrying a mid size gun with a full 12 rounds and dealing with the weight is the only way to go when carrying a mid size? Otherwise go with a revolver?
A revolver can be lighter but still have 5-6 rounds. Is it careless to say "I am going to carry the same amount of rounds today in my semi auto as I would if I carried my 5 shot revolver". This is not for me about revolvers vs semi autos.

But I guess what I am getting at is, is it a good thing to think that since I can load more I have the option of loading less and still carry a mid size semi auto with the weight of a smaller revolver.

I'm working through this. I ask questions sometimes until I irritate the ones I love. But this is how I have always been and how I learned.

Like I said I really do not have an answer or even know if the question is even worth while Just looking for thoughts experience and wisdom.
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