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Who has carried the S&W 3913, PPK, Bersa Thunder 380, and a 5-shot snubby J?

I am narrowing down my choices in a small auto, having carried a 5-shot snubby J frame (Rossi), and being familiar with its carry comfort and concealability.

Originally I was leaning toward the Bersa, because I thought it was essentially a very reliable but rougher clone of a PPK. But studying the dimensions, it is also a bit bigger, and I'm wondering if that makes any real difference in CCW?

But then a Smith 3913 (or 908) was recommended to me, and it looks great, and I like the full 9mm part of that. But I'm concerned it's getting too big, and I haven't found one to try on.

I really like the way the PPK seems to disappear in my waistband when I tried it in the shop. (And the Beretta Tomcat and Ruger LCP were even better in that regard, but are disqualified for not meeting my criteria below.)

I don't know if there is a real-world difference in the carrying comfort and concealment of one of these guns over the other, and would be interested in educated comparisons from those who have carried at least a couple of these models. I would be carrying IWB, under well-fitting clothes.

I also am cautiously interested in other recommendations in either 32 ACP, 380, or 9mm. I have strict criteria:

Must be DA/SA or (grudgingly) DAO, must have a thumb safety that flips UP to fire, the same as my Beretta 92, must absolutely be no larger than the Smith 3913, and be renowned for reliability and ruggedness. Metal preferred over plastic, extra points for classic good looks.

NO SA (1911).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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