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But sitting in a bottle or on the surface of an unused bearing or between two pieces of metal, it will retain it's properties for at least a few hundred human lifetimes.
Even if we assume this is correct, oil has a tendency to flow given its liquid properties. It doesn't matter how little it changes over time. If it flows away from where it was originally applied it won't be doing its job.

Furthermore, oil tends to collect dust and other debris over time and that foreign material can have a negative effect on the lubricating properties of the oil and can, in a worst case scenario, even cause the gun to malfunction.
With how rarely I get to fire my pistol I probably could get by cleaning/lubing my Glock maybe twice a year.
I know people who don't clean their pistols at all--so you could probably get away with cleaning a lot less than twice a year. Then again, you may get to learn firsthand why the manufacturer of your pistol (who knows all about the properties of various lubricants), says you need to clean and relubricate the gun at least once a month unless it's being stored under ideal conditions.
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