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Yeah,I do not want to play the game.

Probably something the equivalent of a Win 52 or my old Rem 513 S.,.22 full size bolt rifle

You said no military type probably a bolt 5.56

I sure like my .257.Most of my hunting is done with this

A .308 or 30-06....could be on a light target config

A .375,hunting bolt rifle,light with about 22 in bbl

A 6.5 Creedmoor "F" class type rifle

A .338 Lapua coyote rifle

A Rolling Block ,1902 Smokeless,set up for .405 Wn or 40-70 Sharps

A 45-90 Sharps

A Win 92 clone in 44 magnum

A model 93 marlin in 38-55 or 30-30

An authentic replica of a .54 Hawken

A 12 ga Berretta O/U

An Ithaca NID or LC Smith 16 or 20 ga gentleman bird gun

A Bennelli semi-auto 12 ga

And an AR-50 in 50 BMG......

Is that 6 yet?How many do I have left?

Too bad about that no military type stuff,because a 18 in bbl light config free floated AR in 5.56 and a 5.56 SDMR and a .308 AR-10 seem important...
And a Garand,an 03a3 and an 03a4...well,and a Krag,maybe a SMLE,and an M-1 carbine...

The Chipmunk .22 Magnum is fun...

How many do I have left?I'd like a few for the grandkids...
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