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How Do You Decide A Gun Is Worthy To Be A Carry Weapon
1. Reliability. It HAS to work and work well.
2. Simplicity. Simple to operate, simple to maintain for YOU. Some people can handle more complex machinery under pressure than others.
3. Reasonably accurate. For me if it shoots in a 4 inch circle at 25 yards off a rest that ok. But as long as #1 is met then the more accurate the better.
4. Reasonably powerful. Yes .45 is a bit better stopper than .40 and .40 a bit better than 9mm but if you can't control that .45 or .40, go to a 9!
5. It must be controllable. If you can't control it to get the required amount of power, speed, and accuracy then it's worthless.

All this has to be inside the parameters of what size of weapon you can conceal on any given day. Winter you can conceal a larger piece, but in hot summers you might not be able to conceal much more than a S&W J .38.

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