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The question about a Lever Action 9mm has already been answered.

My lyman #47 shows a 115gr bullet pushed by 8.7grs of Bluedot getting 1211fps from a 9mm pistol and 1421fps from a Marlin 9mm camp carbine. So a real velocity increase is available if you handload for it. Its not much but enough to insure a hollow point should expand at a hundred yards from the rifle.

On the other hand 357 rifles will shoot 125gr bullets at over 2000fps and 158gr bullets at near 1900fps and even faster if you are careful and use a chronograph in testing. The problem is that you are pushing pistol bullets way beyond their design limits. My personal loads for a 357 levergun are 160gr bullets at about 1600-1700fps for deer loads. If more speed is needed I just change guns. But that being said I will say my Marlin 357 is my most favorite gun. If I had to head to the hills thats the gun that I would take.
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