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Had a nice trip to Cabelas today!

Made a quick trip to the range to function check my G20 and SR9 after doing some trigger work. Both worked great with the SR9 showing the most improvement.

After my gal and I stopped at Hooter's for lunch and caught the Atlanta VS Seattle game and then to Cabelas.

Was only stopping in to get some .45 ACP dies but, found some great deals on a few items.

Hit the bargain cave and picked up a real nice Cabelas camo Dry-Lock 2 in 1 coat that was normally $244 for $118. It was tested on the way home for warmth as the temp dropped tonight to 18f. I also found a CZ 75 15rd Pro-Mag for $22 which around these parts is not bad and CZ 75 mags are hard to find these days. Bought my Gal a camo pullover sweatshirt.

A side note: the gun shelves were all but empty as were the ammo shelves. My Gal said if you see anything you need buy it. I told I was good for now and passed on any primers and powder they had as the prices were pretty high/higher then normal.
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