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I've never handled an SR22. It looks similar to a Walther P22. I bought one of those as sort of a trainer for my wife and it has worked well. I'll try and put my hands on one if I get the chance although......

I'm pretty set on a Mark 3. I dont mind the extra weight and my daughter seems to do better with heavier pistols. She likes the Walther but the case ejection does not go well with her short arms. I just found the different grip style interesting. The Ruger Mark series pistols have an excellent reputation but I wasn't sure if the same applied to the 22/45. I also wasn't aware of the grip panel option. Thank you for that information weblance. I've read about the slingshot mod somewhere in the past...

The accuracy is another big factor. I want something more capable than the Walther in that catagory. Trying to keep the little ones confidence up and she likes the heavy ones better.
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