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True. I wouldn't really expect to hear about this in TX. My point is if it had been an event that villified gun owners we would have probably heard about it.
No, you clearly said you wondered why we had not heard about this in the mainstream media, implying that since you had not heard about it, that it wasn't covered. It obviously was.

It was a local event, in no way tied to or similar to some other current events, no reason to go national. It is not a story that would mean one iota to most folks outside of the local area.

I have been seeing a report on Fox about police hunting a "gunman" in a theater in San Diego. I read the report in a newspaper on the internet. A foolish 20-yr old waved a gun at people who were trying to interfere with an arguement with his girlfriend. They called the cops. He ran into the theater to hide. They went in and shot him. He never fired a shot or threatened any theater patrons.
Wow! You read that on the internet? I read about the pharmacy shooting on the internet. However, you rather mischaracterized the story. The man didn't have an argument with his girlfriend. He chased and attempted to abduct her, but she escaped. He wasn't being a foolish 20 year old. He was being a felon with a history of domestic violence. While he did not threaten theater patrons, he did threaten the cops.

Surely you aren't suggesting the media is making gunowners look bad by correctly pointing out that there was indeed a gunman engaged in felonious activity and attempting to evading law enforcement by hiding in a theater who then threatened cops with a gun. There are in fact bad guys who do use guns in bad ways.
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