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6mm magnum primers H4350 powder

Ok so I loaded up a few 6mm Remington using 87 grain v max bullets and H4350. The problem is the other day when I grabbed primers I grabbed CCI magnum primers and did a little searching and it said that that is not really bad, but I should start low on the powder charge side of things.

So I did.

I started with 42.2, 42.6, 42.8, 43.2, 43.6 and 44 and at 43.6 I noticed the two of the 4 primers were starting to push their way out of the case. No flattened primers, or any other signs of pressure, but the best round was the highest round that I shot at 43.8. So I did not shoot the 44 grain powder loads, but after the 43.8 I sure wanted to keep those as my new load because they were all touching.

After going through the magnum primers (I only had 100), i am switching to winchester large rifle primers and hoping it doesnt change to much, but my guess is it will.

Any thoughts? Will changing primers do that much or will going from magnums to standards mean I can probably work up to that load I was at or more?

I just checked my targets and my best two rounds were spread out the 42.2 was the best but 43.6 was extremely close. I am not a great shot so I always figure some of the error is mine. However all of the rounds shot well.

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