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Have you really looked at Illinois' gun laws?
Ummm, yea, I live here.

You're banking your belief on what the Brady Campaign has to say? Now, I'm beginning to see how you came to your conclusion.
The Brady bunch doesn’t like Illinois, that’s a good thing for gun owners. If you have a better source for rankings nation wide, please share.

Tell me where in their laws you can CCW, other than being in LE.
In case you haven’t heard, Illinois has been court ordered to provide CCW. The court order gave them 90 days. That was a couple weeks ago. Granted, they will more then likely have some lame sort of ‘may issue’ but so does 15+ other states in the Union.

That hasn't come to fruition, yet.
High cap mags? I have dozens, 15, 20 and 30 rounders, each and every one of them perfectly legal. Pistol grip stocks? Perfectly legal. There are many states where those are illegal.

Chicago? I could care less what happens in that hole. Chicago does not represent the rest of us normal people down state, no more then an anti-gun guy next door to you represents you.

Again I say, Illinois is not the most gun friendly state, that I will not argue. But it is far from the worse, and far from draconian.

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