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My worst...
... which I still own, is my wife's Walther P22. It will FTF, FTE, half-feed and don't even get me started on trying to reassemble after cleaning that dang thing. OTH, it is very accruate.

I have shot many a .22lr semis and they are "hit and miss" to say the least with ammo. CCI Stingers or Aquila Super HV will reliably cycle just about anything. I had bulk ammo FTE like there's no tomorrow in some of my .22lr semis but run all day long on the HV stuff. There are times I will carry a Beretta 21A Bobcat as a BUG but would never consider such without HV ammo.

Bottom line I have found if you want to shoot .22lr "reliably" with a handgun it's either HV for the semis or anything you want in the revolvers.
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