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With my Ohaus made Dillon branded Eliminator, I was able to get over the early speedbumps by ensuring that the hanging device that the removable pan is placed upon was rotated to a spot that welcomed the pan to sit in a very repeatable manner.

Everything else mentioned is also quite valid. These scales...they amaze me. The sensitivity is unreal for a low-dollar piece of consumer equipment.

The early struggles I had seemed like a downer at the time, but it was just another way to point out vividly that the scale was SO sensitive (accurate) that it would magnify any mistake that I was making.

It's certainly possible that there's something defective in your 10-10 but I can honestly tell you that if it's not actually defective or do have one heckuva fine tool there. What you've read is true. The 10-10 is a gem.

Please make sure you update this thread no matter how it gets resolved. These little conversations often help countless folks in the future even if they never need to post in the thread.

Good luck!
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