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I carry a Kimber Super Carry Pro in .45ACP as my every day carry, and my wife now has a Dan Wesson ECO 9MM.

To the point someone raised about them requiring more maintenance, I suppose I do spend more time maintaining my 1911s than I do my 92FS, but its not inordinate. Fact is, I like doing so.

Have 1000+ rounds through the Kimber and never a concern about the extractor or mainspring. Keeping an eye on it, and its about due for a new recoil spring, but no FTF or FTE issues.

I do think 1911s are more selective/sensitive to what they want to fire. For instance, the Kimber will only fail to feed or extract if I'm shooting lighter grain bullets or lighter powder loads. So I shoot 230 grain and l have dialed in the powder charge.

The Dan Wesson ECO 9MM was VERY picky during the break in period. 124 and 147 grain bullets were a must. 115 grain bullets caused FTE and FTF. The Checkmate 7 round magazines it came with are fine - its just a matter of the recoil spring needing to be broken in with a heavier load before the gun will cycle lighter rounds. That and all the tolerances are so tight. So running it wet, and now 200 rounds through it, functioning well. Will continue shooting heavier bullets until we get to around 500, then I'll see if it will reliably cycle 115 grain.

I like both of these guns, and I know as long as I maintain them, use the right ammo, and don't abuse them, they'll both provide us with years of reliable operation.
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