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The AM told me about some of the interactions with the ATF and what they were picking about and how that had them uptight.

It wasn't a "nuance". It was about what was legal and what was not. Was it ok for them to think that all VA driver's licenses with a po box only were illegal? It definitely was not a nuance to them. It would have caused issues with every customer that came in with that particular issue. Now they know.

I told the AM I understood what he had gone through given the particular climate we are in concerning Conn. and was not trying to cause any problems. He was very receptive.

And let me add there was NO arguing. Just calm discussion.
In fact after the AM left a clerk that had been working close by told me how WELL I had handled it.

It all went quite well really.

Better than it is going here.

And I thought the ATF was being picky. sheeesh.

Nice welcome for the new guy huh?

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