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Suppressor problems...

Today I was out in the cold playing with one of my 22 suppressors. I had it attached to a Walther P22.

Any way I was out on public land just shooting a few targets and chronographing a few different kinds of ammo though it. After about an hour 2 guys walk by dressed in winter cammo and packing ARs. I ask them what they are doing and they are hunting Coyotes. They look at my Walther and give me a strange look and then keep on walking. About an hour after that a guy from fish and game pulls up and asks me if I am hunting. I say no. He looks at my Walther and then asks to see my paper work. I informed him that I did not have it on me but that I was not required to show it to any body but the ATF. He proceeds to tell me I have to show it. I inform him again that I am only required to show it to an ATF agent. He informs me that he had a call that I was shooting an illegal fire arm. I ask him if I am under arrest and he says no. I gather up my stuff and try to drive off to go home. He then turns on his lights and so I stop and he then comes up to my door and asks again for my paper work.

At this point you may think I was being a jerk but in all honesty I was told by My FFL that I did not have to bring the paper work with me unless going out of state.

Long story made short the Fish and Game guy gave me a lot of crap. I finally suggested that I could have my wife fax a copy of it to the local fish and game if he gave me a fax number. At this point he refused. I called my wife and explained the situation and she started to drive out to my location (about a 2 hour drive). He (the fish and game officer) said that I was breaking federal law by not having the paper work present.

After a long 2 hour argument and yet another officer showing up my wife arrives and shows them the paper work. At this point the officer is very mad and makes some calls on the radio. I was able to hear the conversation and he was asking for "some thing to charge this jackass with"

In the end he let me go with a warning to bring my paper work with me.

I dont know why I am posting this other than to vent and to remind others that even though you are not required to show the stamp to any body other than the ATF that it is still smart to keep a copy in case you run across some body like the guy I ran across.
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