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Aguila Blanca Have they relaxed, then? I can remember a friend who used to run a gun shop telling me that they'd go beserker if someone entered "WY" for the state rather than writing out "Wyoming."
ATF has said for decades that "commonly used" abbreviations are acceptable. They even use an example on Question 20a of the 4473.

ATF has even written about the use of abbreviations in the FFL Newsletter, but 80% of dealers don't bother reading or attempting to stay current. They prefer instead to rely on word of mouth or their own paranoia.

It would not surprise me that an IOI told a dealer that you could not use abbreviations. That doesn't make it correct. Dealers who accept such verbal opinions without asking for a citation to the actual regulation deserve to spend the rest of their life spelling out Road, street, drive, etc.

....Two clerks thought that regardless of any other ID that a VA driver license with a po box was worthless for a gun buy. I knew that was totally wrong. So I had to move it up the ladder.
Instead of arguing, just ask them to read the damn 4473 instructions....specifically 20.b
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