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The issues are bigger than a lot of what's been presented here so far, I think.

It's been broached in public at, from which I quote (so I don't have to write it myself):

First, this is all of course incredibly absurd, and stupidly makes the entire civilian friendly firearms training community look ridiculous, dangerous, and ripe for regulation and restriction. One would think that someone who has argued against open carry as a PR tool would understand the risk of this kind of negative imagery.

Like I mentioned above, I believe this was inevitable given the kind of criticism-free environment low-rent trainers steep themselves in. Having systematically purged all questioning voices from his orbit, Yeager has set himself up for this kind of public failure. Is there anyone in his circle that is willing to advise against publicly challenging people to a duel over youtube comments? Apparently not!

But most importantly, the value of all Tactical Response training has been reduced significantly. A big argument in favor of obtaining professional firearms training is that it helps the citizen win the hypothetical post-shooting legal battle by making him appear proficient, skilled and conscientious. A Tactical Response diploma is now a real liability, as any DA or ambulance chaser can paint the shooter as “taught to shoot by that crazy guy who threatens to duel people over comments on the internet”.

An instructor who understood these things and valued his reputation and the quality of his instruction over his ego and hurt feelings would immediately retract these comments and videos (better still, not make them at all), but given past events, this is not what will happen. Instead, I sadly predict that without any colleagues who respect him enough to criticize his increasingly erratic behavior, he will double down on stupid.

With so many excellent instructors around these days willing to train civilians to shoot, I wonder why people continue to pick this place. In my opinion, your money is well spent elsewhere.

This is the tough part IMHO - makes the entire civilian friendly firearms training community look ridiculous, dangerous, and ripe for regulation and restriction.

Deciding it was the better part of valor to take down a TR certificate (if I had one- I don't) off my BTDT wall and remove the class(es) from my gun school curriculum vitae is a relatively small thing by comparison IMHO.
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