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1903 springfield Sn. 689997

I originally purchased my 1903 in Hawaii in 1970. The territorial guard was selling to military personnel I was stationed a wheeler AFB. AD Army. I paid under 100 USD for it, and shot 140 grain Military load. I had lots of that ammo in stripper clips,loaded in the 40 es. and finally used it up in 2008. now I shoot 150 grain target. considered M1 Garrand load. You just cannot find 140 grain any more. The 1903 was never designed to fire a higher load, New loads are offered in 30-06 today up to 220 grain. My 1903 was rebarreled in Dec 1943 and is stamped USMC behind the front sight. I have installed a new stock and a rebuilt new bolt. On the range I fire 5 rounds and inspect, I usually run a patch and clean the barrel. and I fire my 1903 with confidence. Many weapons that were produced in the earily periods of manufacturing, used the same style of heat treatment, Combat 45, Thompson in the early days, and the list goes on. That was just the way they did it. I was on a range 8 months ago The range master kicked me off the site when I was doing my 5 round inspection. All due to my Serial number. I was firing alone nobody around me. I placed 5 rounds at 100 yards just over the size of a silver dollar. All this internet bunk about the 1903 Springfield. I also attended Military School and we fired the 1903 in 1956 I was 10 years old I don't recall the serial numbers but we fired at 50 Yards. I feel the 1903 in any firing shape is worth at least a grand. Just my feelings I really enjoy this site, Be care full and fire clean.
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