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But it was obvious they had Walmart spooked, very obvious.

I had to talk with an assistant manager to make them understand their stance that a VA driver's license with a po box and no street address could be used for ID for a gun buy as long as you had other ID that showed your physical address.
They still tried to maintain that until I told them I had called the VA Firearms Transaction Center to clarify the information and that they could call them too.

Two clerks thought that regardless of any other ID that a VA driver license with a po box was worthless for a gun buy. I knew that was totally wrong. So I had to move it up the ladder.
Sometimes employees at dedicated gun shops have trouble keeping all the Federal and State laws and regulations straight, what makes you think a clerk or AM at walmart who might be behind the sporting goods counter one day and wandering housewares the next would know anything beyond what is strictly legal? For a large store like walmart who just happens to deal in firearms, it's much easier to instruct employees on what is definitely legal 100% of the time than the nuances of federal and state firearms law.

You're applying causation where there may not even be correlation. The very same issue could have easily come up had you visited in November. Unless you've left out some details, all you know for sure is, walmart employees aren't well versed in firearms law and regulations(surprise surprise) and that they had an ATF inspection, which may or may not have been after the Sandy Hook incident.
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