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OK. The "obviously" could have been a mistake. Just to me it being so close after the Conn. shooting that's the first thing that came to mind. I guess that can be understood.

But it was obvious they had Walmart spooked, very obvious.

I had to talk with an assistant manager to make them understand their stance that a VA driver's license with a po box and no street address could be used for ID for a gun buy as long as you had other ID that showed your physical address.
They still tried to maintain that until I told them I had called the VA Firearms Transaction Center to clarify the information and that they could call them too.

Two clerks thought that regardless of any other ID that a VA driver license with a po box was worthless for a gun buy. I knew that was totally wrong. So I had to move it up the ladder.

Yes, they were spooked. I am sure they had reason to with the ATF just getting through with breathing down their necks. Hopefully I helped un-spook them even if just a little.
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