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While I still have many relatives that live in IL, I will never move back to that state while their laws remain so draconian.
Draconian? How so?

According to the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence. Illinois is one of the better states for gun owners with a score of 35. Zero being the ‘freest’ of states for gun owners, and 100 being most restrictive for gun owners.

Now that Illinois will have some form of concealed carry, the statistics say it’s one of the better states to live in for gun owners.

I can have high-cap mags, pistol grip rifles, bayonet lugs and the bayonets to mount on it, soon to have CCW, etc, etc.

No, Illinois is not the best state, but I'd stop short of calling it draconian.
Maybe not compared to California, Massachusetts, or New York, but compared to where I moved (Indiana) it's quite draconian. I do not have to have a FOID to own a gun or buy ammunition, I need not endure any asinine waiting periods (which are completely unnecessary in the age of NICS), I don't have to worry about silly local bans due to our state pre-emption law, my employer can't ban me from keeping a gun in my car, I enjoy the protection of a state with the Castle Doctrine law, and I've been able to legally carry a loaded handgun since I was 18.

Furthermore, you don't know what type of CC you'll be getting yet, but Indiana is shall-issue, has no training requirements, allows both open and concealed carry, has a very short list of prohibited places, private business "no guns" signs carry no force of law, and lifetime licenses are offered. About the only states that I can think of with better gun laws than Indiana are Constitutional Carry states like AK, AZ, WY, and VT.
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