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I've enjoyed some of his videos in the past, but it's probably good that this dude has his permit suspended. Sounds like he is threatening to kill people who would be just doing their job and serving their country in enforcing any new law (that hasn't even been proposed yet). He's threatening the US Govt as well. I appreciate his service to the country, but it seems like he has more in common with terrorists than not at this point. His attitude, "see it my way or I will kill people," is not a position in a debate, it is a threat.

This guy probably shouldn't own assault weapons either. Not everyone here thinks that anyone who wants one should get to own any weapon they want. I would not favor the common man arming himself with 1000 pound bombs, nukes, or M1A Abrams tanks. I think maybe it's time that the common man go through some additional screening to own an AR type weapon and at least have it registered. Expanding the NFA to encompass military style rifles might be a decent compromise.
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