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Range report including some 45-70 info

I took three firearms with me today.

The Geroco .357 Peacemaker, The Rossi .45 LC 1892 carbine, and the 1873 trapdoor.

I loaded a .357 RNFP with about 20 grains and got a consistent 730 fps plus or minus about 20. The revolver shoots a bit to the right at 15 yards. I couldn't get to the bottom of it because it broke after about thirty rounds. I think the hand pin came off of the hammer. Cylinder does not advance. So I'll have to pull that apart.

The Rossi shoots well. Cycles well. But I am going to have to take a tarp along to put on the ground so I don't lose all of my brass. I came home without ten cases that I simply could not find. Also, I failed to take along a cleaning rod so I could not swab the bore of the rifle. I think this bothers the 1892 because my groups got larger as the day went by. Probably about a hundred rounds.

The trapdoor shoots like a dream. I took along ammunition with 500 gr bullets, 405 grain bullets and 350 grain bullets. The only difference in the performance of these rounds was that the 350, exceeded 1100 fps, the 405, were right at 1030 and the 500s were at 960. And, of course there was a difference in the recoil. I loaded all of the rounds with 55 grains of FFFg GOEX. I could not find any FFg powder so I shot FFFg. The rifle shoots very well. I shot first at 25 yards to see where it shot. It is high and to the right by about 3 inches. So with some sight adjustments and kentucky windage, I was able to get into the ten right fairly well.

Even with a dirty barrel....(remember I did not have a cleaning rod, so the barrel was never swabbed this entire day)....I got consistently inside the nine ring at fifty yards.

I also compared ALOX to me Beeswax and Crisco and got no difference in speed. I could not compare the affect on the barrel because I could not swab. That is a chore for next time out, when I have the presence of mind to take the cleaning rod with me.

Had to put the truck in Four Wheel Low to get into and out of the field.

What a great day, even though I did break my revolver!

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