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Thanks for all of the input guys. As for hunting I am probably taking my mosin deer hunting next season, which I have some PPU soft points for, not surplus fmj stuff.
good for you, I also have some of the PPU stuff in case I ever get a wild hair where the sun don't shine and decide to take mine out, which round is superior when considering deer is irrelevant. both will drop a deer like a sack of I mean... stuff....a sack of stuff
The amount of velocity loss in an M1 rifle vs an M1903 is negligible, assuming the same ammunition. The gas port of the M1 is only an inch from the muzzle and the amount of gas bled off is not enough to drop velocity below the normal variation in cartridges from the same lot.
you are also ignoring the fact that M2 ball(AKA garand safe ammo) is loaded lower than the standard velocity 30-06 that you find of most shelves, springfields, as well as all modern bolt actions chambered in 30-06 are able to shoot both standard velocity AND higher than standard without issues. nowhere in the discussion was the question asked 7.62x54R vs garand safe 30-06 loads, you can not base 30-06 performance as a whole, off of M2 ball out of a garand.
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