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Jayster I was told by a WalMart assistant manager at the sporting goods counter and by a clerk at a gun shop, both in VA, that the ATF had been there for a week going over all their records nitpicking them to death for smallest issue.

Obviously this is in response to Connecticut. I would not doubt straight from the mouth of Obama and Holder to look for issues to use as talking points in Biden's report to Obama along with his recommendations.

Anyone heard of the same ATF scrutiny in your shops?
Obviously you've never heard of a compliance inspection.

ATF is limited to one compliance inspection of a dealers records per year. The inspection is limited to reviewing the licensees bound book, 4473's, inventory and multiple sale forms. IOI's (Industry Operations Investigators) spend every day doing a compliance inspection at some gun store somwhere. To suggest it is due to the shootings in Connecticut, Obama or Holder is ignorant at best.

While a misplaced "." won't get you cited, missing forms, missing guns, and other serious errors or ommisions could lead to the dealer having his license revoked or renewal denied. (revocation/nonrenewal are extremely rare).

While high volume dealers (like WalMart) may see an inspection every year, most small shops have them infrequently. I've had one compliance inspection in the last four years.

steveno the atf likes to nitpick things to death on record keeping
As they should, guns are serious business and missing guns or shoddy recordkeeping make the industry look bad.
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