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Draconian? How so?
Have you really looked at Illinois' gun laws?

According to the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence. Illinois is one of the better states for gun owners with a score of 35. Zero being the ‘freest’ of states for gun owners, and 100 being most restrictive for gun owners.
You're banking your belief on what the Brady Campaign has to say? Now, I'm beginning to see how you came to your conclusion.

Now that Illinois will have some form of concealed carry, the statistics say it’s one of the better states to live in for gun owners.
Tell me where in their laws you can CCW, other than being in LE.

I can have high-cap mags, pistol grip rifles, bayonet lugs and the bayonets to mount on it, soon to have CCW, etc, etc.
That hasn't come to fruition, yet. As a matter of fact, IL lawmakers have recently tried to shove laws down the citizens' throats banning a mountain-load of firearms. Sure doesn't seem to me the current IL government is ready to look out for them.

No, Illinois is not the best state, but I'd stop short of calling it draconian.
With the only state that completely infringes your right to CCW, has counties that outright ban several firearms (Cook being one of them), and gun laws through the nose enough to stake the #1 spot as the nation's WORST in infringing on peoples' rights, I think your assessment is entirely off base.
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