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Yes you are right about WA. I live right across the state line in Idaho and do monitor what is going on over there. In most cases, WA is ruled by the "ruling class" of just down right Liberals in the Seattle/Tacoma area. It is a major voting block there and they pretty much control the rest of the state which is more rural and conservative. If you ever go to Seattle you will get the feel of San Francisco in just watching people and the way they go about their daily lives. I guess it is good for them, however, it is sad that they control the rest of the citizens of the state. I would not want to be citizen of WA (a light to dark blue state at best).

G19 - I love the picture of the sign.....I understand why you love Texas.

Al Norris - To heap all of Idaho into one statement about the temps is a bit much for such a large state such as ID. Our state runs from the CA/Nevada/Utah North borders to Canada. Where I live, the altitude is 2000 ft above sea level and the winters are extremely mild! I am only 150 miles from Canada!!! Two years ago for all of winter, I never shoveled one shovel full of snow between Dec and March because there was no snow and the minimum temp was around 22-23 degrees!


Happy in the red state of Idaho.
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