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Frankenmauser, is this your "go to" deer and antelope loading? I need to move up to heavier bullets and test to see if my rifle likes them as well as the 130 grain pills. Thanks for your input, I will try it for sure.
Yea - That's my "universal" Elk and Antelope load. I'd use it for Deer, too, if I ever hunted them.

It took me about 2 years to finalize that load. I spent quite a bit of time testing several powders side-by-side, in hot and cold temperatures, to see which of the powders was the least temperature-sensitive, while still providing decent accuracy. RL-19 blew everything else away.

In my rifle (22" bbl), that load clocks 2,790 fps. ...a far cry from Nosler's test barrel's 3,003 fps. (But pretty close to Hornady's testing, at a hair over 2,800 fps for their 140 SST.)
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