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One of my shooting and training buddies runs a custom rifle shop. They build, service and customize high end rifles. He had the BATF go through his records in August. He claims they were writing the service logs and ownership logs for "larger higher powered rifles". These being 416 Barrett,50 BMG, 408 Chey-Tac, etc. the only reason we discussed it was I own and shoot 50 BMG's. He isn't a conspiracy theorist or even remotely extreme about his views. This left him feeling uncomfortable. I know this is normal for them to come in and check the logs. I never really worried about it, but honestly, who knows....

I would hate to think they were specifically looking for owners of these calibers, but they might have also had a reason for it. Please don't take it as "they are gonna come get our guns". It isn't meant to sound like that. This was just showing, they were doing "wierd" stuff long before...
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