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If you have concerns that if someone takes a closer look at what you are doing that you might have a problem, then yes, maybe you should be worried. Otherwise, I think the ATF has enough on their plate with legitimate concerns. Personally, I hope they use the C&R as a guideline. Just like getting pre approved for a mortgage before you go house hunting. Have whatever background checks deemed necessary done and then when you go to a gun show or LGS you show your license and some form of ID and buy what you want. You get a fairly simple background check for a C&R, a fairly extensive one for NFAs so why not come up with one for everything in-between?
No, I am not concern about having a C&R currently as I maintain good records and also backup in the Cloud. However, I am concerned with a possible AWB. I am even more concerned with a new AWB that doesn't include grandfathering and possibly has registration or outright confiscation built into the new law.

You and I may agree that having a C&R is like having a pre-approval for a mortgage and that we are up-standing citizens, but the winds of change are upon us and what is currently legal may not be tomorrow.

I guess if an outright confiscation of a broad grouping of "assault weapons" take place, we all have more things to worry about than a new AWB.
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