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Please recommend an AK47 gunsmith in Vegas

I have a good general 'smith, but they don't get a lot of AK work and I want someone with plenty of AK experience. I have two brand new VEPR rifles, one in .223 and one in 7.62x39. Both rifles are going to receive Tapco G2 trigger groups and US made pistons. The 7.62 I want modified to work well with TAPCO standard AK mags (usually readily available in various capacities), and the .223 is going to receive an MSA AR-15 magwell adapter which requires milling the receiver. While I'm sure I could figure out most of this on my own and could probably "Bubba" things together, I simply don't have the tools to do it properly, and I do want it done properly and professionally. I don't know how many of you have experience with the VEPR rifles, but they are the nicest AK style rifles IMHO, and I wouldn't want to make a mess of them. So, can anyone recommend a good 'smith in the Las Vegas area, or even someone worth shipping to for these rifles?

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