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I don't know if it has the rebounding hammer, or not, but I don't see a safety in the pictures at all.

Anyway, my life is too short to worry about what a manufacturer has to do to deal with liability, real or imagined, in the modern age. I don't regret that they are re-introducing this rifle and I don't care about "lawyered up" and what not. It is a genuine Winchester, not a copy of a copy, and THAT is what I do care about. Some folks can belly ache about how the manufacturers put safety devices on the rifles, or rebounding hammers or whatever. Feel free to bemoan the modern world, but my suggestion is that if you want to change things, do your complaining at the ballot box. And, just in case you did not know this, the "modern" system of torts and legal liability comes from English Common Law which dates to the 1200's. So, get used to it. It's been around longer than you have, and it will be here longer than you will be.

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