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Those Monkey Grips are about the nicest I have seen.

My S&W PD shoots good. I have about 100 rounds through it. Very accurate. I guess I just tend to prefer the heavier frame 1911's. I can see using this as a winter season conceal carry gun.

The slide safety on mine is gritty and functions fine, just is not smooth like my other 1911's. Trigger rattles as well. For some reason all the S&W 1911 PD's I held at the gunshop had loose triggers, but the trigger pull seems fine. Must be a S&W thing because none of my other 1911's have that rattley trigger!

Also, I could not get my Surefire X300 to fit the rail. Fit on my SIG Scorpion 1911 just fine. Seems that all the various companies have different rail configurations and all the various rail 1911's do not fit in the same holsters.

My Kimber Warrior fits in the ITAC holster I have, but the Smith won't fit!
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