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I am noticing that the selection on my local area Armslist ads are less than the past two weeks. I just think it is mainly because of the supply is drying up. There were a lot that bought them in a rush to sell them for profit. I think that the most have sold what they have. I am seeing more and more M&P15-22's and other proprietary .22's at much higher prices (not sure if they are selling or not). I also am seeing more ads where people are trying to get firearms under less than scrupulous terms. I see ads where people are wanting to buy SBR's and other NFA firearms "without the red tape". I urge everyone to flag any like this you see... This is bad publicity just waiting to happen. Keep your eyes out and be smart and legal if you buy or sell anything. I fear there are "golden apples" out there, just to make gun owners look bad. Especially watch out for listings of "Assault Rifles for sale".... lol.
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