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What form of law do you practice? You seem to know all there is about Constitutional law. You also seem to have the time and resources to look up each case pertaining to the Constitution.

There is a little thing called original intent which has been used many times in the past for the Constitution. I do not have the time today to look up these cases. Sorry, I don't live for these forums.

Sorry, precedent. I stand corrected.

Irrelavent twaddle? Try quoting the rest of what I said on that issue! Typical lawyer, only using what you deem relevant.

You have a serious misconception! If you think that what you see today, not only from the State but the people as well will not effect what happens in congress or the supreme court, you are sadly mistaken! "We the People" have made changes in the past! See the 17th, 18th, and 21rst amendments! If you honestly believe we cannot effect change today, you are the one living in a fantasy world! Also see the sagebrush rebellion. Everyday citizens effected change!

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