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Like so many things it depends...

As others have stated Charles Daly is out of business and has been for a few years. When they were in business they were an importer and a name plate not a manufacturer similar to SA. Their 1911s were made by Armscor and were as good as any other Armscor gun at that time. If it were me I would just get a RIA , Rock Island Armory, which is a current production Armscor gun unless the Daly was priced below $300.

The Para is a bit trickier. If the Para was made in the US then you have a much higher probability of getting a good gun. Since moving their production to NC, IIRC, the quality control has really improved. Prior to that they were developing one of the worst QC records in the 1911 industry and for that reason if it is not a US production gun I would pass.
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