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BP story

This story isn't as good as Doc's, but it's close!

Took Friday afternoon off as it was a beautiful day here in southern Michigan. Wanted to empty a couple BP pistols still loaded from deer season. Have a beautiful set-up here at the house. Back porch all glassed in, (the Antler Bar) nice shooting bench with a gun rest and can set a target, open the window and go for it.

My old yellow Lab (Carhartt) is blind now from Diabetes. He knows when I'm going to shoot or hunt. If he doesn't get to go he throws a fit. Whines, drools and wants to go! Amazing, I took him out Goose hunting earlier this year and he sat motionless until I fired. He took off out in the field like he was shot out of a cannon. Worked the field back and forth with his nose and brought the bird back to me. He was so proud of himself, if he could talk he would have said, "SEE... I STILL GOT IT"! Needless to say, I had him in the house while I was shooting. I could hear him whining and throwing a fit in there.

I emptied my ROA and 58 Remmy flawlessly. Shooting well too! A couple guys showed up and were watching. Went to load the ROA again and put in a bit too much cornmeal filler. Couldn't seat the ball far enough to clear the barrel. Had trouble getting the cylinder out as the ball was jammed against the barrel from me playing with it. Finally got the cylinder out. Removed the nipple, cleared the powder with a toothpick into the trash and went to tapping the ball back out with a dowel and a small mallet. Broke the dowel off inside the cylinder. Eventually got the ball out. The onlookers left out of boredom. Finally got loaded up again and shot another 6. The room was full of smoke (from shooting) and went to retrieve the target and put up a new one. Heading back to the house, noticed smoke billowing out the windows. Ran back and the trash can was on fire! One of my pals must have dumped a hot ashtray. Threw the trash can out in the yard and ran in the kitchen to get water to put the fire out. Didn't realize it but had stepped in dog poop and tracked it all over the house. In the meantime, Carhartt got so worked up from the gunshots, he pooped all over the kitchen floor.

Got the fire out, cleaned up my boots, all the dog poop and decided I'd had enough excitement for one day.

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