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There is a security option that nobody has mentioned, and most may not know of. Until we retired and moved to the country, I had no idea of the level of fear my wife had of tornados. She insisted upon having a tornado shelter/safe room built inside our house, and she did all the research. We now have a 4x6 foot solid steel room that is supposedly safe against a Level 5 tornado. It's bolted to the concrete house slab and it really is some seriously thick steel. The door can be barred from within or locked (two large dead bolts) from outside. We have gotten inside a couple of times due to tornados in the area, but mostly we use the room as a large walk-in safe for valuables. I think the whole deal cost $5000, which is pretty darned expensive, but I'm really glad we had it installed. If anyone wants the name of the company that installs them, just ask me and I'll go find the info.
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