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Not this same old tired argument again...
Yes Tuner the same old argument. Look around everyone and their brother is cranking out a "version" of the 1911 these days. They are made by everyone at almost every price point. The majority of people making them treat the JMB spec and a starting point guideline not the blue print it should be. The good enough close to spec mentality of most of the 1911 manufacturers make this statement true in the real world. In a perfect world scenario where the guns is built to the JMB spec 1911 is a wonderfully reliable pistol the problem I have found is that not all of them are built in this manner these days on consistent basis. Add in the magazine variance and it get worse. Not all guns are built properly and these days the term 1911 does not designate the singular design it once did. My point was and is that with a 1911 it helps to know how to determine how close to or how far off the spec the "1911" variant you are choosing is. Is it necessary no but it helps....

With all due respect I sometimes I think you do not understand that many of the people posting here do not have the same point of reference that you have when it comes to the 1911 and other guns or guns at all. What seems simple and intuitive for you is not for others.... just a thought you might consider.

Not unless something is out of spec or the magazine of choice is losing control of the ammunition, causing the gun to push feed and force the extractor claw over the rim...which does seem to be the case these days.

Cleaning and replacing a recoil or mainspring periodically makes the gun high-maintenance? Really? They don't "need" to be replaced as often as most have been led to believe...and I've got extractors that have seen over 75,000 rounds without any attention at all beyond removal for cleaning from time to time.
Same logic holds true for this part too. Look at how many people make 1911 mags these days. How many of them switch vendors or specs for springs all the time. Almost no one makes their own mags. The mag manufacturers don't make their own springs. How many of them use the same followers and feeding lips/geometry? Look at companies like Wilson whose mags are designed IMHO to overcome the deficiencies in a lot of modern 1911 manufacturing. I would argue that there are more out of spec mags out there then in spec mags if you use the original spec as a starting point. LOL Each part of the mag and too often the pistol it self is out sourced and you receive the part that submitted the lowest bid.

Detail stripping and cleaning a gun is not hard but I would bet the majority of gun owners even on their forum do not know how to do it on each and every one of the guns they own. From what I have seen the majority of shooters field strip and clean guns but do little beyond that. Again going back to the idea that you are bringing a ton of knowledge and experience to the table that simply is not present in most shooters and certainly not the person who is considering their first 1911 as the OP and the USA SHARK are.

I am not saying do not carry a 1911 or that it is all that hard to carry a 1911 I am saying it takes more effort than carrying a Glock or a Sig. The straight line quality control of the single manufacturer makes these guns easier to understand and easier to use for the vast majority of people. They were designed and built in the modern manufacturing era and their tolerances where created with that in mind. The 1911 however was reversed engineered for modern machine based mass production. Some do it better than others IMHO. YMMV
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