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Your Gov't model and 4" RM have me drooling. Is that the original finish on the 4"? It looks absolutely amazing.
No...sadly. It appears it was ordered in 1936 and, according to the stamps on the butt, refinished at the factory in 1958. It also originally shipped with a 6" barrel.

By best guess? It was issued in 1936, the trooper carried until he retired, bought (or was given the gun), sent it back to the factory for a shorter barrel and a reblue (a 4" would be a lot handier as a retirement gun than a 6") and then never actually carried it again, maybe shot it a few times.

The 5" originally went to the Louisiana SP as I recall. It wound up in Dallas where a Policeman carried it. He finally retired as a Deputy Chief. Got it direct from the family. In all its well worn glory....
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