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Why, by the way, do you need a threaded barrel?
Simply because if I were to get a replacement barrel, I'd take the opportunity to buy one I can fit with a silencer (yes, I know, it is a suppressor!)

For all the numerous restrictions that may exist for this and the other in the architecture of Estonia's weapons act, it does allow me (as a sports shooter) to buy silencers without any additional hoops or costs, as well as things such as those chassis where you can slot a G17 into a stock-and-rail type assembly to make a small stocked carbine from it.

Incidentally, I don't reload for 9mm. It comes out far cheaper to just buy factory ammo than to load my own.

If ever costs started to rise I would be happy to sptart though, and I am tempted to get the dies on the off chance it comes to that. Either way, I've been perfectly happy with my Lee deluxe dies so far, and therefore a Lee FCD would definitely be part of the package.
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