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Then you’re saying that if you shoot a revolver which doesn’t have a slide with the same caliber round its recoil is ALMOST non-extistent?
If you are referring to my post comparing springer recoil to pneumatic recoil, I never claimed that the revolver was recoil free.
I own a Smith & Wesson model 41 in .22 LR and also a couple of revolvers in the same caliber. There is certainly recoil when I shoot the revolvers, it just feels totally different than the auto-pistol recoil.

I have also shot someone else's recoilless spring air rifle but instead of using a counterpiston, it simply had the action mounted on a rail allowing the action to recoil independently of the stock, similar to a modern artillary piece.

I have often wondered why the artillary recoil absorption system isn't used in large caliber rifles or trap shotguns. The recoil will still be there but the impulse would be spread out over time, giving the shoulder a long push instead of a short punch.
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